GolfRSA Support Fund

Recall that as

Support measures against the background of the covid lockdown in 2020 have shown their effectiveness. Recall that as part of emergency assistance to those in need, the GolfRSA Foundation issued more than 17 thousand vouchers that were received by caddies and casual workers of sports zones. In total, this is about 4.5 million rand.

For 5 months, during which golf club employees were unable to work and thus feed their families, food stamps were issued. This measure made it possible to support more than 4,000 families in dire need of support during the pandemic.

The fund was able to raise the necessary support funds through voluntary pay cuts for a number of workers. In addition, there were operating savings, we managed to organize several collections of donations, auctions in support of citizens. Due to the huge role of social events and the response from those who are not indifferent, the foundation expresses its deep gratitude to everyone who took part in supporting the initiative! This has not only provided people with a livelihood during these challenging times, but also saved valuable caddies for the future when restrictions due to the lockdown become less pronounced.

Unfortunately, after 5 months, the support measures had to be stopped. However, the club’s management emphasizes that the pandemic has clearly shown that a huge number of citizens in the country are below the poverty line. Taking into account the sports specifics of clubs, it is necessary to introduce measures of collective support for their employees.

However, this does not mean that the matter has stopped. In fact, he was taken over by a successful businessman and he is busy looking for new sources of funding. There are a number of formed proposals to business representatives who may show interest in the framework of common activities. In the near future we will provide information and options for cooperation to interested parties, by the way, some market representatives have already demonstrated a desire to cooperate.

We express our deep gratitude to everyone who donated money and things to the fund, as well as to the committee members who found some truly unique items for auctions. To all the media people who spent their time and money on such generous support, to everyone who was with us during this time, thank you! Special thanks to the players, past and present, who somehow supported our caddies.

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